Who is included?

This report describes 151,749 children, ages 2-18, who received care from 601 providers in 88 primary care practices of 5 health systems.

Health System Reported Children
Akron Children’s Hospital 101,823
Care Alliance Health Center 985
The MetroHealth System 36,075
Neighborhood Family Practice 3,497
University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital 9,369

Six Northeast Ohio counties are home to most of the children included in this report.

County Reported Children
Cuyahoga 49,002
Summit 32,969
Stark 14,959
Portage 9,482
Trumbull 7,529
Medina 7,295
All Other Counties 30,513

Maps describing the locations of the practices serving these children, and the children themselves, are available at this link.

Overweight and Obesity in Children

Our detailed report on weight in children is available at this link.

Timely information on height and weight is available for 84% of the children from the 5 health systems in this report. Among those children, overweight and obesity affects 42,365 children, or 33.2%.

A Closer Look

  • Stratifying overweight or obesity rates by various characteristics of the children (like age, race, income) offer insights into social determinants that may affect outcomes. For a closer look at these relationships, visit this link.
  • Or, visit this link to see maps for Cuyahoga County and Summit County of overweight or obesity rates.

Blood pressure in Children

Our detailed report on blood pressure in children is available at this link.

Blood pressure results here describe describes 148,074 children between the ages of 3 and 18 in our 5 reporting health systems. Timely information on blood pressure is available for 83% of those children. For those children, elevated or high blood pressure affects 27,975 children, or 22.8%.