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EHR-Catalyzed Care
Better Health harnesses the power of EHRs to drive quality improvement
As evidenced by this video from 1961, electronic health records have been recognized for a long time as having potential to improve quality and clinical outcomes whiles lowering healthcare costs.

Health information technology plays a foundational role in improving care and reducing costs. It provides critical information at the point of care, supports providers with electronic decision support for treatment, alerts them to preventive care their patients need and identifies populations of patients to target for interventions.

In an article published September 1, 2011, in the New England Journal of Medicine, Better Health data demonstrated that adults with diabetes in primary care practices using EHRs were significantly more likely to have health care and outcomes that meet accepted standards than patients of providers with traditional paper records. Improvements over three years also were greater.

Better Health harnesses the power of clinical data from our partners’ electronic health record systems (EHR) to:

  • Highlight improvement, identify practices that outperform their peers and to share these “bright spots” and the methods behind them with others;

  • Provide detailed web-based reports that provide actionable feedback;

  • Publicly report performance every six months at both the regional level and practice-site level on www.betterhealthcleveland.org, celebrating achievement and improvement;

  • Help practices learn how to use their EHRs optimally to improve care, outcomes, productivity and patient engagement;

  • Help practices that have newly adopted EHRs during their transition from paper records.

"Quality improvement in health care results from a constant conversation between ‘What Is’ and ‘What Could Be Better.’ With increasing access to EHR data and decision-support tools, our clinical teams have been able to participate more fully in that conversation."

Walter Clark, M.D.,
Medical Director, Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services (NEON), after adopting EHR

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